I recently picked up a Toko 4x5 folder and I have two questions for other (or former) Toko owners.

First: What prevents the front standard from racking all the way off the bed? I assume there is a small piece of metal or wood somewhere, but it is clearly missing on mine.

Second: Are the focus locks for the front and rear extensions on the same or different sides of the camera? My front focus lock is on the left and the rear focus lock on the right. There is clearly something wrong with both of them, and I guess that somehow these were messed up.

For those haven't heard of the Toko (like me a week ago), it is a very similar to the other lightweight Japanese folders like Tachihara or Wista, except it has both front and rear focusing standards with two inches of rear extension, so it has 14" of full extension instead of the regular 12".