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Thread: Wide angle for 4x10

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    Wide angle for 4x10

    Hi, Iím in need of a wide angle lens for 4x10. Thereís loads of posts about lenses for 8x10, but I thought Iíd ask specifically about 4x10 as I might be able to get away with some different lenses with the lesser coverage required for 4x10.

    Am I correct in thinking I need an image circle of 275mm to cover? Iíd like some room for movementÖ

    Iím looking at the 110-150mm range.

    The 110XL seems an obvious choice, but Iíd be using it right on itís limit of coverage and Iíve seen some conflicting posts about it not covering at all here and here, and it requires an expensive CF when using chrome film. Iím trying to keep this all under $1000

    The Nikkor 120 SW F8 also is rated highly, but I read a post about the rear element being so large that it doesnít fit through the hole in the front standard of a Chamonix.

    I havenít got my 4x10 camera yet but I am looking at the Chamonix 410, which takes Linhof boards and looks like it has the front standard of a 4x5Ē camera rather than a bigger hole of an 8x10ĒÖ Anyone have any similar experiences?

    Next I guess is the (over budget) 150XL from Schneider, and the 150SW from Nikkor Ė again with a huge rear element.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions I can be looking at?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    Fujinon 120 SW and 125 SW both should also work. Sometimes these can be had for bargain prices.

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10


    I just looked at the opening of a Shen-hao 4X10 which also take Tecnnica style lensboards and the opening is close to 90mm. The diameter of the rear element of the Nikkor 120mm f/8 is 80mm, so it would work on this camera.

    Not sure about the Chamonix, but it would be good to know out how big the opening is in the front standard.


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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    Presumably a 5X7 zeiss protar V will work at small apertures. It has a 111mm focal length and is supposed to cover 8x10 at f45 ish. I have one but have not really tried it as my ANSCO 8X10 will not squish that tight.

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    The Graphic-Kowa 150 f9 covers 4x10 and is a nice,small lens. I sold mine as I wanted my 150 to cover 8x10 also so I moved up to the Nikkor 150 f8. And yes it has a large rear element, but it will do double duty whereas the Graphic Kowa will only cover 4x10. Jim

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    I have a Super Angulon 121/8 that's great on 4x10.

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    I use my Angulon 165mm most frequently on the 4x10. Small lens too. The 110SSXL will cover nicely also.
    Keith Pitman

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    The 110XL will easily cover 4x10. I've used it on my 8x10. The 90XL just misses the corners on the 8x10, but shouldn't be a problem on the 4x10. That would be extreme wide angle, mind you. If I were you, I'd go for the 110XL.

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    If the camera uses Linhof Tech lens boards, it will be capable of handling the Nikon/Nikkor f8 120SW lens.

    The rear element of the 120SW is large, but it will fit through a Linhof Tech-sized opening.

    However, the Nikon/Nikkor f8 150SW is too large.

    I've used the Nikkor f8 120SW on a 4x10 camera and found it to be an excellent choice for that format.

    It's also my favorite wide angle lens for 5x7.

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    Re: Wide angle for 4x10

    A few years ago, Kerry Thalman started several threads on 4x10 cameras and 4x10 lenses, and like everything Kerry wrote, they were quite informative. Search for them, they're worth reading.
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