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Thread: Sinar F1 questions

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    Sinar F1 questions

    I just received a used Sinar F1 that I purchased on eBay. I have figured out most of the controls, but I still have a few questions: - Looking from the back, there is a small thumb screw at the lower left corner. It protrudes into a hole right above the spirit levels. It appears that it tightens something that goes through that hole. Looking from the front there is another one also protruding into a hole. What are these for? Am I missing a part? - There is an empty threaded socket at the top left corner of the back (on the side). It appears to be for attaching something. Again, am I missing something or is this for an accessory? - On the top of the rail near the front there is a red dot. Is this a recommended starting point for the front standard? - How do I switch the back from horizontal to verticle? - Does anyone have a recommendation for a darkcloth for this camera? Thank you for your help.

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    Sinar F1 questions

    The hex shaped holes at the bottom left on front and rear standards are for holding bellows rods; i.e. bellows rods on the front standard will hold a regulare set of bellows - or wide angle bellows such that they function as adjustable lens shades; bellows rods on the rear standard will hold an extra set of bellows + a twin lens magnifier, which lets you work the camera with two hands while checking composition and focus - without using a loupe or a focusing cloth.

    Instead of a bellows rod you can actually use a regular pencil, but you need clamps to hold bellows front or back.

    The red dot I am not familiar with. You can position the camera any way you like along the rail.

    If you want to use a focusing cloth instead of using an extra set of bellows get a cloth that is white on the outside and black underneath. If the cloth does not have weights in the corner sew in a few large washers...Actually you can sew the focusing cloth yourself...

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    Sinar F1 questions

    hello Tom,

    "There is an empty threaded socket at the top left corner of the back (on the side)" --> This socket is to attach a little piece in L shape to catch to lens board, when you pull up the lens board lever so it won't drop accidentally...

    "How do I switch the back from horizontal to verticle?"---> Just pull up the lever nearest to you, take it out and turn 90?, put it back and close the lever...

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    Sinar F1 questions

    Hi Tom. -- The thumb knobs are indeed used as described but you might find that a pencil although fine in an emergency will not grip as well as getting yourself some 6mm hex rod. You may wish to purchase original parts but for something so simple for the same money you can get a whole 3 Mtr length of 6mm hex and cut your required lengths. You will find yourself using a few differnt lengths, both front and back. While you are on your spending spree you will find a second bellows (bag prefered) quite handy to use as a ground glass shield for focusing. I don't use a dark cloth. While you are at it you will need to get some plastic corners that clip to the extra bellows you are using as a viewing aid or as a compendium lens shade which grip and slide along the mentioned hex rods. Your ever so eager Sinar retailer will eagerly explain and soon have you drooling over all the stuff he would like you to buy.

    The threaded socket that no one's mentioned is for mounting the meter part of sinar's probe set up. I dont use that either. Handy but costly, bit like a second woman.

    The red dots indicate you have the standard 12" rail. Why the dots? Why indeed. I think it's a case of the apprentice finding a can of red dots some where and having nowhere else to put them figured the rail to be a mighty fine place! By the way you will want some extra rails in due time. They come in 6" 12" 18" lengths. Handy not only for using long and very long lenses but you can use any old standard to hold the front of your extended bellows lens shade.

    The Sinar you are now a proud owner of you'll find to be a mighty fine piece of equipment. Just about all the parts are backward compatable so don't hesitate to grab any usefull stuff you come across regardles of age. There are as many opinions as there are people but I'm more than glad I went the Sinar way. -- Good luck.

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    Sinar F1 questions

    A little clarification to a couple of the above posts:

    The front and rear standards have long slots at the top and sides with a round hole at one end. These slots are for mounting various accessories including the lens borad catching device mentioned above.

    The threaded socket is actually the point for attaching the cable that closes down the auto-aperture shutter when you insert a film holder.

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