Shot some 4x5 Ektar 100 last weekend, been shooting the 120 a little while as well.
Scanning it on an Epson 4990 in Vuescan. As a lot of posts here and elsewhere echo, it's a great film but the colors do scan awful weird!

Has anyone made a new Ektar 100 film profile, using the IT8 targets and all?

There's the whole "scan a blank area of film and lock exposure" approach ; that works OK on 120, but not as well with sheet film in a scanning holder.

Is it best maybe to just throw a sheet on the scan bed, scan a little corner, lock the color, then proceed to scan sheets in a holder?

Alternatively, is there any one of the pre-installed Vuescan film profiles you feel is very close? I thought "Kodak Pro 100 PRN" seemed to be in the ballpark. sorta.