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Thread: Black spots, white spots

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    Black spots, white spots

    Hello all-

    Have been looking at a batch of scanned film I had processed recently after a long hiatus from shooting. There are a few small scratches (poor handling on my part) some white spots (since they are test scans I didn't really clean the film all that well) and some black spots. They are not terrible and I could spot them out in PS but would rather not have to.

    I'm guessing the black spots are dust on the film before it was exposed. I think I've been pretty careful - vacuumed the holders and the inside of the camera. I also blow out the holders with dust off, and keep them in a camera bag until ready to use.

    Perhaps it's from the changing bag I used to load the film? I have mothballed by darkroom and it's full of sawdust so that's out, and there are no closets I can use in the house.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Black spots, white spots

    I load my film in the darkroom, take the same precautions that you a describe, and still get those black and white spots showing up on my scanned negatives, especially at 100% magnification, or more.

    All I can say is, thank goodness for the healing tool in Photoshop.

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    Re: Black spots, white spots

    I need to make more money. Then I could hire an assistant to spot for me.

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