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Thread: Where is the flip horizontal box

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    Where is the flip horizontal box

    Okay its late and I am tired but I gotta make this print tonight, and I cannot find the flip horizontal button in the PS printing box. Under options I have High speed, edge smoothing and finest detail but not FH, which is where it should be according to my searches online. I have version 6.50 epson print.

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    Re: Where is the flip horizontal box

    Found something called mirror image. Guessing its the same thing.

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    Re: Where is the flip horizontal box

    In PS, click File>Page set up, select your paper size, and either 'portrait' or 'landscape'. Click OK. Next, click File>Print with preview to see if all is well. Click Print. Make sure everything is set properly in the Epson dialog, and you should be good to go.

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