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Thread: Home built snoot , how much f stop will i miss ?

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    Home built snoot , how much f stop will i miss ?

    I just built a home made snoot for my metz 45 ct-1.

    What will give me the light cone is the inside of a toilett paper roll(!). I am going to coat the inside of the above with alluminum foil for maximum light output.... Question: If i use the flash in manual how much light loss should i expect? I cut the inside of the roll in Half.

    I did remember to unroll the toilet paper off the cardboard... If any of you has gone through this same burst of creativity could you please answer the question?

    thank you,

    it's windy outside, look at that long streak of paper going...........

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    Home built snoot , how much f stop will i miss ?

    why don't you just meter with it on and then with it off??? I don't understand why you need us to answer this question for you?

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    Home built snoot , how much f stop will i miss ?

    Mark! Sport, What have you to gain by being pompus to this proud mother of invention. And what is this "us business"?

    Domenico... Shoot away pal without any concern for light loss as a properly designed snoot should not reduce light output, only direct lite to a specific and narrow area on your subject. Your creativity and sense of humor will take you far.

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    Home built snoot , how much f stop will i miss ?

    hey! you told him to go out and shoot with it, I guess you agreed with me after all......

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