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Thread: Are you printing your images without custom profiles?

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    Are you printing your images without custom profiles?

    This is no commercial ad but I can see that I am in a grey zone here.
    I seek help from fellow LF photographers that print their own color work, and do not have custom profiles for their printer/paper-combination.

    I have been working with color management for years, calibrating and profiling scanners, monitors and countless printers. I used different kind of software and the EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer. Printer profiling used to be a part of my business, until my workshop got flooded in 2007. This spring it was up and running again. To things have happened since then:

    1. I bought a ProfileMaker5 lisence from Kumar here on this forum I have tried the software before, and used the stuff that did not require dongle. Now I have a full version, perfect for my EyeOne Pro.

    2. I want to try out Bill Atkinsons targets for printer profiling, they are said to be very good.

    To the point:

    Of course I will profile my own printer with my favorite papers, but if I am to do printer profiling as a business again, I need to know that I deliver good things. And with two new factors in the math, I need to get my workflow tested.

    So if there are any photographers in this forum that print their own color images on desktop or wide RGB-printers, and really want custom printer profiles let me know.

    I could ask in a Norwegian photo-forum (I live in NOrway), but I would rather work with fellow LF-photographers on this forum.

    So here is what will happen:
    I will e-mail the test targets for you to print out on your printer (instructions will follow the email). I will in advance know a little about the printer model and paper formats you are using, and can send suitable targets. The prints will have to be sent to me in the mail. When I receive them, I will measure them and generate a custom printer profile for your unique printer/paper combination.

    This profile will be sent to you on email along with a second test image. I will need you to print this test image WITH the profile, and again sent to me in the mail. This image I will use to control the quality of the profile, and maybe even use it to modify/linearize it to make it even better. If so, you will get the edited profile.

    There are a few things that is required from the participants:
    1. You must print images from software that support Color management
    2. You must have a calibrated/profiled monitor
    3. You must tell me what workflow you have, printer model, paper type and formats, what ink (if not original).
    4. An idea of what color management is all about...

    Of course if I get 200 e-mails, I will not be able to serve all. I will also try to cover as many printers and paper types as possible, so a selection of participants will be made.

    I get real quality control of my work, and you get free printer profiles...
    Best regards,
    Eirik Berger

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    Re: Are you printing your images without custom profiles?

    Send a private message on the forum first, and we can exchange e-mail addresses there.
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    Eirik Berger

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