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Thread: Bosscreen on Wista 45

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    Bosscreen on Wista 45

    Has someone successfully mounted a Bosscreen on a Wista 45?

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    Bosscreen on Wista 45

    After month of troubles I have managed to buy a Bosscreen for my Wista 45 metal field. The screen is on its way to my home and should arrive in very few days. I will let you know the result as soon as I have it.


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    Bosscreen on Wista 45

    As Roberto said, it can be done but Wista uses different sizes for different cameras make sure you measure exactly the "mat" part you need(wista has on some cameras two glasses one is the plastic groudglass-fresnel and the other has the grid and protects the first GG, the Bosscreen has no fresnel lens, so you might experience a hot spot with some lenses, if you rally want, add a fresnel but the best feature of this GG is its incredibly fine structure(paraffine and bee-wax between two-glasses. I have wned three for many years, stay away from very, very hot climate although I've never had any trobles even there

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    Bosscreen on Wista 45

    Pardon my typing, it is a problem I have to address!

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