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Thread: Film giveaway (with a catch)

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    Film giveaway (with a catch)

    Good morning, LFers -

    I recently sold all my 4x5 stuff. I came to the reluctant conclusion that my LF pictures were no better than what I was doing with roll film, at considerably more expense and trouble. I can hear the sound of your brows furrowing already. Clearly I'm an idiot; everyone KNOWS that 4x5 is intrinsically superior. I won't argue the argument; lets just agree that what works for one doesn't work for the other. As an added bonus I get to recycle the money. Hmmm, more shiny stuff!

    Anyway I've got some leftover film. I thought about selling it on eBay but I figured, why not just give it away here? You can see what's being offered in the picture. Both boxes are unopened and have been in the freezer since the day I got them. My loss is your gain.

    The catch.
    You have to give away something of value from your stash and post it here. It doesn't have to be film but it should be something an LF photographer would find useful. When you write to me, tell me what you're going to give away. I won't judge it but I do want to see that you've actually got something you're willing to part with. Any constraints about shipping are up to you. When you post, make a new thread since the goodies you're giving away might belong in another section of the forums. Hopefully the next guy (or gal) will have something to pass along, too.

    The deal.
    The first one to write to me at kbourque at with an "in kind" giveaway gets the goods. I'll ship for free to anywhere in the US and Canada. That's it!

    A few other notes.
    I did this same deal several times with the "classic camera" group at I wanted to get some gear passed around instead of growing mold. All the exchanges eventually fizzled out meaning that someone got something and never offered anything in return. I decided at the outset I wasn't going to try and manage the process and not to get offended if someone dropped the ball. This is about altruism, not keeping score. But, hey, make me proud ;-)

    Here's the film.

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    Re: Film giveaway (with a catch)

    Film is taken. Lets spread some stuff around!

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