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Thread: Gitzo CF tripods for field work

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work


    I'm looking at tripods for field work, specifically Gitzo's Mountaineer series o f carbon fiber tripods. I like the flexibility of the Explorer G2227 but I'm con cerned about it's ability to hold a LF camera steady for long exposures (15min-4 hours). The larger tripods are nice but big and I'm looking for good portability . Does anyone have suggestions/insight? Note. Camera I'm getting is under 6lbs. I am 6' 2" so a reasonably tall tripod would be good. Thanks!

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    For stability purposes, I would choose a newer Ries tripod. Definitely rock solid. Not the lightest in the crowd, but it sounds like weight doesn't rate as high as stability.

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    I use and recommend a Gitzo 1348. Prenty sturdy, much lighter and smaller than a Ries (which I also have and like very much). The tripod head is another consideration in regard to weight. I use a Manfrotto 410 on the Gitzo. It's great, but weighty. The dial-in adjustment capability is a terrific convenience. A ball head would make sense, if you like that sort of thing.

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    I use the G1549 with the 1370M head for long exposures. Works very well and it is not too heavy. The 1570M head is heavy and big, not necessary for a light camera.

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    The 2227 is Benbo-versatile but not well suited to long exposures with 6.00 lb of gear. It supports weight that is off axis substantially, never a good idea when long exposures are involved. Definitely serves a purpose just as the Benbo does, and if you're into the shots that look incredibly precarious in composition then you've found a winner. But I'd stay away from it for long exposures. Get the 1227 instead, and as far as heads go you'll have to decide if a ballhead or 3-way head is more important.

    Most will recommend an Arca-type quick release system, and I'd wholeheartedly agree. If you'll be deciding on a ballhead, either the Arca-Swiss B1 or the Acratech Ultimate Ballhead would be my recommendations. If you'll want a three-way pan & tilt head I'd go with Gitzo's 1570M. A levelling base is a nice luxury but adds much weight and price. If these aren't important, step up to the 13xx series Mountaineers and throw in the appropriate levelling base.

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    I just took a look at Robert White's web site, regarding the 13xx series Gitzo carbon fier tripods. It appears that he is selling the center columns and top plates separately from the tripod. I am confused. What is the 'default' top plate that you would get with, say a 1325 or 1348? Since these tripods have no center columns, per the Gitzo we site, this seems confusing, as well.

    The 1325 and 1348 both come with a top plate. No center columns just a plate however. You can remove said plate and install a center column if you wish. The 1329 and 1349 both come with a rapid center column AND a flat plate.

    What is a 'levelling base'? Or an adapter to 75mm or 100mm bowl?

    I want a second tripod, in addition to my 1228, which is not appropriate for large format.

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    What is a 'levelling base'? Or an adapter to 75mm or 100mm bowl?

    Sorry... sick and a little out of it. Hit the submit button early. I'm curious as to what a levelling base is myself however the 75mm or 100mm bowl are video accessories.

    Hope that takes care of some of the confusion!

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    If you want to know what a product is, visit the website. For example, the Gitz o self-leveling base is on their website at: 62



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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    Gitzo 1227, plus B1/B1e ballhead. personally i think 2227/2228 not stable enough,

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    Gitzo CF tripods for field work

    Ethan: a levelling base is a bowl sitting inside another. The top one swivels on the bottom one. The swivelling is usually confined to small angles and do not provide the kind of movement ballheads or panheads provide. My guess is that their use is usually for movie making, where shooting is in mostly level ground. They are OK for panoramics too, once the levelling base is levelled and the pan head also levelled, the camera can rotate about and stay levelled. About heads: Some people do use those Gitzo or Manfrotto ball heads, which to me seem as rotating on a gravel soup and feel just as rough. The Foba heads (Sinar, Switzerland) are exquisitely crafted, very smooth and let you adjust camera position to the finest degree. The large one is heavy, 1.4KG, the small one about 0.6Kg. Both will hold a 4X5, the larger 8X10. The arca supposedly holds 90 lbs, which in practice means it can take 90 lbs to unlock it. Once locked your ball head has to go to the hospital, if not you for trying too hard to unlock it. Mine locked up once but luckily it had not reached the comatose stage and was able to unlock it with quite an effort. Lots of homely remedies are given in the LFF for unlocking these things. Avoid the disease and you will not need the remedies. Another reputedly excellent ballhead is the Kirk, made in the USA. They are very nicely crafted too. See tham at The large one is about 900g, a new smaller one is about 600g. They have a similar look to the Arcas, without the freezing feature and are more reasonably priced than the Arca. Galen Rowell has a story about a locked Arca, you can get that in his site. About tripods, you can have the sturdiest of any mentioned but those very long exposures will also require no air movement because if there is, I am not sure if any tripod will be strong enough.

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