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Thread: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

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    Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    It would appear that Fujifilm has stopped making the 4x5 size black and white peel apart instant film in 100 speed. 500 and 3000 seem unaffected, as does the range of smaller sizes.

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    If there were prize for worst marketing and PR department in the world, Fuji would be the hands down winner. They seem to rely on rumors to disseminate all their info, even when true. At least Kodak makes proper announcements.


    They just released it last year...

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    Michael E. Gordon
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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    Quote Originally Posted by John NYC View Post
    If there were prize for worst marketing and PR department in the world, Fuji would be the hands down winner.

    Even better, they recently released the beautiful looking Fuji GF670 medium format folding camera.........just in time for the discontinuation of numerous Fuji emulsions!

    Do they have any clue over there?

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued


    F**k. It seems like Fuji is hiding in caves in mountains far away, and sending "press releases" with either telex or paper on strapped on to a dusty donkey.
    Well, I loved it and hopefully my 38 exposures can defend the investment of the #$$%&%# film holder.

    I came across the Fuji Artdol developer by accident (your store by the way) and it dissapeared equally fast. It was really great with Acros sheet film. They are really bad about telling people about their great products, and it seems like the withdraw them from the market as soon as the popularity grows.

    Any news about a new batch of Fortia SP perhaps? I would personally fly to Tokyo and kiss a Fuji boss if they launched it in 4x5, or 8x10...

    Sorry Dirk, got a little carried away.

    At least I will soon post an order for some Fuji Instax Mini for my 4,5 year old daughter. She loves the camera, she likes her instant camera (and the pink carrying bag and photo albums) far better than her mothers Canon IXUS.
    Best regards,
    Eirik Berger

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    Fortia SP would be a treat in 4X5!

    Otherwise, I have to agree regarding the completely unclear direction which Fuji has taken in bringing their products to market and subsequently in their discontinuance. Kodak sets the bar on this communication with their customers and Fuji is nowhere near that level of professionalism.

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued the film discontinued or....?


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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    Quote Originally Posted by Darin Boville View Post the film discontinued or....?

    Not sure but Freestyle has some right now........................

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    I can't find anything at all about Fuji FP-3000B in 4x5 size, does such a thing even exist?

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    Can you freeze FP100* films? Just wondering in case I have to stockpile. I know some polaroid film wasn't supposed to be frozen.

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    Re: Fuji instant FP-100B45 discontinued

    This is so annoying. They just started bring this stuff into the US last year. If they were expecting to see gangbusters sales due to the demise of Polaroid they missed two key points, that a jillion people here have Polaroid holders which are single sheet and Polaroid had a broad spectrum of film speeds, even sepia. Sure Fuji makes this in other speeds but they don't distribute it in the US. So that means you had to buy a $200 holder so you could use film that was even more expensive that the Polaroid 4x5 pack film. So to pull the plug a year later seems idiotic to say the least. I've been using the film myself and am sorry to see it go. It would of helped if they had imported the other speeds for different applications. I know I can order those from overseas but that ain't cheap. Still to build a market you need to give it time. I've been showing people my stuff and some guys were looking into getting a holder. Now I'll have to tell everyone to forget it. That you can't trust Fuji.

    I think there must be some guy in the company that is trying to kill off all the analog because they sure ain't endearing themselves to analog customers at this point in time. Their communication is non-existent and their decisions haphazard.

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