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Thread: Where does Jock Sturges teach?

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    Where does Jock Sturges teach?

    I have been viewing Jock Sturges' Irish schoolchildren pictures in a recent issu e of B+W and the more I see them the more I love them. I found a short BIO of hi m on the website of one of the galleries and it mentions that he teaches. Does a nyone know where?


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    Where does Jock Sturges teach?

    Peter, Not only do I know where he teaches, I just came back from his workshop. He teaches once a year at the Palm Beach Photographic center.

    It was a great workshop and loved learning from him. I came away learning a lot more then just photography.

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    Where does Jock Sturges teach?

    OK, I'm jealous- Did he talk about how he does the Irish schoolkids at all? Does he just set up in some corner with reasonable background and lighting and then wait for kids to show up at some marked spot that he has focussed on? What film does he use? Any other info about those sessions would be most appreciated.


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    Where does Jock Sturges teach?

    Now Peter I can't give away all his secrets...

    I will tell you that he did have a tuff time shooting them. He only had about 15min each day during their lunch break to shoot.

    Kodak Tri-x is what he shoots.

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    Where does Jock Sturges teach?

    I attended the Palm Beach workshop with Jay, and totally agree. Jock is a terrific teacher. If you want to learn to work quickly and efficiently with a large format camera, and are interested in people photography, he will be VERY helpful. He's definitely not an equipment addict...8x10, one lens, no light meter, few gadgets. Natural light with reflectors. Simplicity with a very natural style of execution...little posing. As Jay said, lots more. He doesn't teach in most workshops because he spends the Summer on the beach in France making more pictures.

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