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    Durst 138

    Hello all, I just picked up a used Durst 138. The cold light source that came with it was damaged in shipping (the transformer appears to be ok). The folks I purchased i t from are looking into how/where to get this part replaced. Once it is fixed I would like a resource for where I can obtain lamps for both the cold light and the condenser head.... does anyone have any leads on where I can obtain these la mps so that I can have some spare parts on hand. I already wrote to Durst-Pro U SA in Oregon but they have not answered my e-mail. Thanks to anyone who can hel p!!!

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    Durst 138

    Durst-Pro USA answered and said they don't have lamps or the cold light (Lacoli) tube. So.... any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Durst 138

    For the cold light, try contacting Aristo, They might be able to supply a replacement lamp.

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