My dad, who I am sure some of you know for producing Steve Hopf Ground Glass, has gotten me interested in large format photography. Currently all I have is a digital camera, a 35mm SLR, and a 6x6 cm rolli. I have my sights set on an 8x10 feild camera, but it might be a long time before I can afford one. I also have a 20"x20" ultra large format camera, but shooting in 20x20 is to expensive and it is to bulky and impractical to use as a field camera anyway.

My hobbies are kind of limited right now because I just graduated highschool (yesterday) and I dont have a real job yet, but I enjoy hiking, rockhounding, lapidary and jewelrymaking, marine aquariums, numismatics, the list just goes on. Of course, I have been involved photography since before I was old enough to hold a camera and I was developing my own prints by the age of 12, so photography is pretty ingrained, but only recently have I started thinking about doing large format. That probably has to do with the fact that I just moved in with my dad in the mojave desert, which has some beutiful landscapes.

Anyway, I just decided to join the forums so that I could learn more about large format photography, but I can also answer any questions you have about my dads ground glass.