Keep in mind I have not used the IR film you mention, nor any LF IR film, but am very familiar with the Kodak 35mm version, having used it constantly for 15 years.

I would not worry about focus correction unless you are using a visually opaque deep red filter or are doing closeups with limited depth of field. Visual light and infrared light sometimes focus at a different place because the wavelengths are different (IR waves are longer). But unless you're using one of those opaque IR filters, your exposure will be a mixture of both kinds of light. So if you're using a medium red (recommended for most applications) or orange or yellow filter, and you correct for IR, then the visual light may be off. A decent amount of depth of field will take care of both.

The Konica film (also the Ilford SFX) is not a true infrared film - it's red sensitive, but not very far into the IR spectrum. So you don't have to do any focus correction for that, even with the opaque filter.

It is more important to bracket for exposure than adjust for focus.