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Thread: Lerebours Serial Number - Rice Writing

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    Re: Lerebours Serial Number - Rice Writing

    Just a small addition about lens hood cup apertures! Everything eventually appears on ebay ( and perhaps our own FS section too!).
    I discovered this on French ebay. It is a complete cup insert for either Lerebours et Secretan or Hermagis. I think it is quite likely that these two had their brass made in the same workshop. I read the external diameter as 91mm - which matches a Hermagis I have. If I find that it doesn't fit, it will be available, with no mark-up, to someone else. Obviously, having right size, no WHS or cup insert at present, will help!

    Later! I have evoked the last sentences!
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    Re: Lerebours Serial Number - Rice Writing

    And I now have a cup for my Lerebours #10173 !

    Uninspiring iPhone pic below ...

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