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    Re: Lerebours Serial Number - Rice Writing

    Not quite finished yet!

    A longer read of the booklet reveals that the data about the company's production of photographic lenses is a bit thinner than some of the other major makers. There are plenty of illustrations but not so much supporting text. I suppose this is due to their early demise and shortage of different catalogues. I think the serial number/dates could be wrong by a couple of years around 1855.

    The cup insert diaphragm system was in use before serial numbers were adopted. The example shown on page 234 of d'Agostini's book is without serial numbers but has a complete insert cup shown. D'Agostini talks about both lens barrel inserts and hood inserts.

    I reproduce the tables of sizes for the 15" Petzval, so you can find yours! Note that Lerebours made three speeds for each basic lens diameter.
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