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Thread: Which Paper Trimmer?

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    Which Paper Trimmer?

    I've decided to heed the advise posted in this forum as to choosing between a ro tary paper trimmer and a swing arm type of cutter. I am looking at two paper trimmers in the 24" size. Rotatrim , and Dahle rotary. I only need it to trim prints to final size with mounting tissue tacked to the back. Can anyone offer any input about these two trimmers? Any experience, go od or bad. Any preference. I'm concerned with good clean cuts through paper and tissue without creep or poo r tissue cuts. As always, Thanks in advance, dee

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    Which Paper Trimmer?

    I have only had experience with the Rotatrim paper cutters, but I only have good things to say about them. I've never had any problems with paper creep, rough cuts, etc. I've never had any problems with poor tissue cuts either. I've also found the build quality of Rotatrim cutters to be excellent.

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    Which Paper Trimmer?


    You will certainly like using a rotary paper trimmer whether it is the Rotatrim which I use or the Dahle (sorry, not familiar with this model). I had put off buying a paper cutter and instead kept trying inexpensive solutions. Just before the year end, I took the financial plunge to buy a better model and have never had a regret.



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    Which Paper Trimmer?

    I have owned both types of these rotary trimmers. My first one was a 16 inch Dahle. I upgraded to a 24 inch Rototrim. Here are my observations: The Dahle had a formed metal base, a single rod control track for the rotary cutter blade, was lighter weight, and a compact size. It was made in Germany, and was capable of making a clean straight cut through heavy weight fiber base paper with the mounting tissue attached. When I went to look for a 24 inch model, Calumet was out of stock, so they offered me the Rototrim a price I could'nt refuse. I,m glad they did. The Rototrim has a heavy dense particle board base, a double rod control track, and a Sheffield steel cutting blade. It's made in the UK. Neither trimmer is capable of cutting through four ply mounting board, but that's not a requirement. If you need to cut mounting board, get a heavy-duty arm-type cutter, or use a knife and straight edge. Therefore, If price is no object, buy the Rototrim. If you want to save money, buy the Dahle. They're both excellent tools.

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    Which Paper Trimmer?

    Whatever brand you buy, make sure the print guide is square with the blade and the guide marks on the bed. This seems like an obvious basic requirment, but in my experience you can't take it for granted. Ideally, it's best to take a carpenter's square or simply a piece of paper that you've measured to be true and test any model you're considering, because misalignment seems all too common and it will certainly affect your satisfaction with the trimmer.

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    Which Paper Trimmer?


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