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Thread: Flutot's Camera Repair update

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    Flutot's Camera Repair update

    This has been yet another difficult year for my family and I
    with continuing on going family health issues and my Sisters death this last March,
    has forced me to temporarily stop accepting any new repair work until we get caught up on our backlog. In the meantime, we will return emails and continue to put people on our waiting list.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience this will cause some of you, I'm just hoping and wishing that when I get caught up and the last surgery is over and done with, that we can get on a normal routine.

    Thank you for all your patiences and understanding during our difficult times.


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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Carol

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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Hi Carol,
    Sad to hear this and I will pray for her journeys. Please take care of yourself and family. You're an asset for this community and we do appreciated your work . Take a break and keep us updated. Regards

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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    God bless, Carol. Here's every wish for your return to health.
    "One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude." Carl Sandburg

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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Carol, I've not forgotten, and won't, your precious time and energy spent to send me a word when Ted died, in the midst of your own struggles! Keep that spirit intact... best wishes and hope that all is soon where you want it to be.


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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Best wishes and best of luck for a prompt return to full health, Carol!!

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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Sorry to hear that y'all are still having health problems and about the death of your sister. Hope 2010 gets very much better for your family!

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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Carol, Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. Please get well soon.


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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Thanks everyone! My Husband is doing well after this last surgery and his cardiololist just gave him the ok to go back to his back surgeon to reschedule his much needed back surgery.


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    Dave Karp
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    Re: Flutot's Camera Repair update

    Hoping this upswing continues and that these health issues resolve themselves positively.

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