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Thread: Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

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    Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

    I just purchased a Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar from a member of this forum. It is an f4.5 and is described to have a focal length of 8 1/4 inches. Does anyone know whether this lens will cover 8x10?

    Thank you in advance.

    David Michael Bigeleisen

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    Re: Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

    Here's a link to a data base on lenses ... under the General Use subsection it has a B&L Tessar f/4.5 ... 8 1/2" (doesn't list an 8 1/4") ... that it shows as covering 5x8 wide open but doesn't show what it will cover stopped down: Link

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    Re: Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

    f/4.5 Tessars usually cover 110% of focal length at f/22. Do the arithmetic.

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    Re: Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

    depends on what you want to shoot with it. quick answer. no.

    portrait distances...yes. but why shoot an 8.5 inch lens on portraits. wrong perspective IMO....too short.
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    Re: Bausch & Lomb 1c Tessar

    I have a 5x8 version that just covers 8x10, so not much movements and the edges are a tad funky. I like the look!

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