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Thread: Petzvals and Graflex SLR's

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    Petzvals and Graflex SLR's

    Anyone had any success in finding a suitable petzval to put on a 3x4 Graflex? Or even 4x5?

    I've tried a couple and usually only able to focus close-up only, say up to head and shoulders, granted ok for some portraits but still limited for general use.

    The mirror on these cameras prevents the use of lens or part intruding closer than 6 inches or so from the film plane. I could put the mirror up and get an image focused on the back glass, when racking the petzval back, thus allowing focus on a more distant subject. Not really useful in practice though.

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    Re: Petzvals and Graflex SLR's

    I have an 8 inch Petzval that works perfectly on my 4X5 Super D. Lens actually covers 5X7 so I don't get the maximum swirlies. The lens I use most on my Super D is an 8 3/4 inch Verito and an old 8 inch Alpanat. As you say anything shorter hits the mirror. The 3X4 Super D can handle shorter lenses but the drawback is the limited range of film choices.


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