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Thread: Ballhead or Geared head ??

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    I am looking at upgrading my Bogen ballhead as I find it to be a little bit unst able when I mount Toyo a 45A on it. I am looking at Kirk Photo's BH-3 or the Bog en 3275 (410) geared head. Anyone who has experienced in any of these items.

    What I am trying to decide on is a ballhead vs. geard head.

    Thanks much !! Thanks much !!

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    The Bogen, every time. njb

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??


    I use the manfrotto (Bogen?) 410 head. Some weeks ago a post on this forum indicated a method of tightening the rack & pinion drives and the head works a dream for architecture where small accurate increments are essential. However, I would not always count on it being rigid enough for the Nikkor-M 450mm.

    Walter Glover

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    A ball head will always be quicker than anything else, having said that, the geared head will offer precision which the ball head cannot achieve. good luck

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    I have and use the Manfrotto 410 head a lot. I have nothing but good words about it. Precise, easy to use and reliable.

    I read somewhere in a photomag that a new geared 405 head is introduced. Has the same excellent plates; don't know what is been changed.

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    I use a 410 head. It's really great, very easy to level, and make small adjustments. Compared to a ballhead, however, it's heavy--a consideration if you're carrying, especially on a tripod that's already heavy.

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    I've been using the Manfrotto (Bogen) 410 for several years now with all my came ras. It works great with a field camera. The only complaint is when I use it wit h a 35 mm camera my beard gets caught in the knobs sometimes! I really like the precision of adjustment. It is heavy, but I can use the exercise! Also it is a b argain compared to the better ballheads.

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    An Arca-Swiss B1 Monoball will be a better head for 4x5 work than the Kirk BH-1 head, primarily because of the progressive cushioning . The Bogeh 10 is also a fine head. i understand that there is a new version ofthe 410 that might be stronger, it is the model 405.

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    Peter you did not say which tripod you will use the 410 on. If it is a Gitzo, then there will be a problem aiming the camera up because the knob on the head hits the larger tripod plate.

    Another annoyance is two handed panning. To pan very far, you need to hold open the catch (it does not lock open) with one hand while panning the camera with the other.
    John Hennessy

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    Ballhead or Geared head ??

    I meant to write: The Bogen 410 is also a fine head. i understand that there is a new version ofthe 410 that might be stronger, it is the model 405.

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