I want to start developing with pyro. I am currently using 4x5 with FP4 and Fomapan 100. Will probaby open the repertoire to HP5 and that will be it at least for some time until I get a better feel for film again.

Sorry if this has been done to death here, but there is so much info on pyro that it is difficult to filter out. I am not a novice in the darkroom and have some experience mixing my own stuff, and I know how to handle chemistry and so on. But I have never used pyro and I closed my darkroom 8 years ago. Now i want to at least develop my film and scan afterwards. Maybe I'll start doing some contact printing which I guess is as far I can go in making prints at home with no darkroom. It has got to be airline friendly since I will fly it in the luggage. Which recipe do you think is best for my needs? What are your suggestions and advice on this topic? Thanks in advance.