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Thread: Shoulder bag?

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    Shoulder bag?

    Another "what bag?" thread I'm afriad...

    I'm fed up of using a backpack-type bag for my kit on location. I hate having to take the bag off, and put it down somewhere before I can open it up to get whatever it is I need out. Putting the bag down on the beach, in the dunes, on the sidewalk, in the rocks and rivers, etc etc is getting messy and as we all know, sand and lenses dont mix.

    I'm therefore thinking of trying a shoulder bag instead; flip it open, take kit out, set up on tripod, all with bag on shoulder.

    I'd be looking for something to hold the Ebony 45s (which is pretty compact) 2 or 3 lenses, stack of film holders, maybe a QL or Polaroid back, and a tripod clipped on outside. Not a massive kit.

    I'm looking at the Crumpler range - spefically the Brazillion dollar or one size down. I like the Crumpler styling as it doesnt shout "camera inside, steal me". Does anyone have one or any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I use a soft cooler. It's not nearly the quality of a camera bag, but it's cheap.


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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    The Tamarac Velocity bags might be what you're looking for. I'm using the 10x which is a bit larger than I'd like, but then an Arca monorail is probably a bit bigger than your Ebony.

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    A Domke F2 would be perfect. Don't know what you're going to do with the tripod, though -- they're what make LF such a PITA.
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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    Take a look at the old Zone VI bags. You can usually find used ones. No tripod carry though. I usually carry the tripod in my hands.

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I used a Domke F2 for a very similar kit–Horseman FA, 3 lenses, etc. I found it to be too heavy to carry on one shoulder for any length of time and switched to a daypack and am much happier. I simply hang the pack from a hook on the center column of my tripod. Not only does that keep the pack out of the dirt, but it adds mass to the tripod and stabilizes it. Plus, everything is nicely accessible.

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I ave been through few bags: normal backpack, kelty redwing... I always avoid shoulder bag, because the weight on the side hurts my back (I know from carrying a laptop). Now I think I found the "perfect" bag for me: it is a duffel bag (looks like a north face bag, same heavy duty fabric). It can be carried like a backback, with the opening against the back, so that when on the ground it does not get messy. It is a 50l, but I also got a 90l. and with some extra padding, off we go!
    So here it is: you ask for something particular and you are advised on something else you dont want.

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    Lowepro Slingshot

    I have the earlier Slingshot 200, and that one fits a 4x5 and two other lenses. The newer 202 has a tripod connector strap on the outside. It makes a good light weight urban bag for 4x5. Since I have the earlier version, I carry my tripod separately with just a strap on the tripod.


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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I tried a Crumpler and it was nice for DSLR sized stuff but everything is curved, which reduces space. Look for more old-fashion styles with boxier cuts, as most 4x5 stuff is boxy, not curvy like SLR lenses.

    The Think Tank bags are boxy but heavy, perhaps a Domke or Tenba would be best.

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    Re: Shoulder bag?

    I did also my research for a shoulder bag but then dropped the idea. My winner was the Thinktank Urban Disguise 70 Pro. Check it out.
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