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Thread: Goog Digital Workflow Workshop

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    Goog Digital Workflow Workshop

    Is anyone aware of any good workshops coming up in the US (ideally western US) that covers the whole digital workflow well, ideally for large format photographers shooting film, from scanning to color management, photoshop, and printing?


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    Re: Goog Digital Workflow Workshop

    My personal choice would be Charles Cramer or George DeWolf.

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    Re: Goog Digital Workflow Workshop

    Looks like Jack Dykinga And John Shaw are teaming up for this type of a workshop
    It's listed on Jacks Web page

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    Re: Goog Digital Workflow Workshop

    I'd second Kirk's suggestions of George deWolfe or Charles Cramer if you're into color. I don't know if he still teaches it but George's one-week workshop that I attended at the Palm Beach Photographic Workshops years ago was a great experience and really jump-started me into printing b&w digitally. However, when I knew him he was strictly a b&w printer. If he still is and if color is your thing Charles Cramer might be a better choice. I'm sure there are others, these just happen to be the two with which I'm familiar. Charles Cramer has a Yosemite workshop that's almost impossible to get into but he also teaches at the Lepp Institute (or whatever it's current name is). You can see his teaching schedule at his web site.
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