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Thread: LF Neg Storage

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    LF Neg Storage

    I would like some opinions on the best way to store LF negs, 4x5 and 8x10. What do you use for sleeves and how do you store them. I have finished rebuilding m y darkroom and am beginning the process of editing, filing and storing negs, hop efully a bit better than my previous methods.

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    LF Neg Storage

    James, I use archival sleeves and hang them in a file cabinet

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    LF Neg Storage

    Any particular sleeves, Bill?


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    LF Neg Storage

    My 4x5 negs are individually sleeved in mylar sleeving, in paper sleeving. This permits me to individually label negs, and only pull the negs I need. Thes are stored in metal drawers (that seem to be) designed for 4x5 negs - about 2000 per drawer.

    My 8x10 I have in heavy plastic view-all neg sleeving, inside box- binders, so I can label each negaive individually.


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    LF Neg Storage


    4x5 negatives and chromes go into individaul mylar sleeves then into a Print File hanging page, which holds 4 4x5's. 8x10's are stored directly in the Print File pages as the mylar sleeve wont fit inside the page. Both pages are then hung inside a file cabinet. All items can be purcased from


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    LF Neg Storage

    I use "cheap" glassine archival envelopes, and then store them in "cheap" archival boxes.

    This is a nice affordable way to keep your negs in archival condition.



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    LF Neg Storage

    Try the Prinf File Style # 45-4HB POL pages. They are designed to work as either hanging files or in a notebook and the pockets are of sufficient width to let you keep each film film in its own mylar sleeve.

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    LF Neg Storage


    I am with Ellis on this:

    Each 4x5 neg in a Kleer-Vue sleeve and then the whole assembly into a Print File Pol page, onto a bar and into a suspension file drawer.

    Printfile 8x10 page for the big fellas, also.

    Walter Glover

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