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Thread: No "edit" option on my posts....

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    Re: No "edit" option on my posts....

    Thinking about it, there might be an option to extend the time limit, but still prevent any editing if another member has added a post in the intervening time.

    So, if someone returns an hour or so later and finds that their post is still the last one in the thread, they could make a change.

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    Re: No "edit" option on my posts....

    The setting for the time cut-off is currently 120 minutes, not 30 minutes, according to Tom Westbrook, who handles the software configuration and such.

    If a response is posted before the 120 minutes expires, however, editing of the original post would still be prevented.

    Remember, too, there is a "Preview Post" button that can be used prior to submitting a post.

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    Re: No "edit" option on my posts....

    what if only classifieds could be edited so reflect sold, price drop etc. keeps people from bumping
    notch codes ? where we're going, we don't need notch codes.

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