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Thread: soft focus landscape

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    Re: soft focus landscape

    E.Suter Basel, Swiss, "Stella" 160mm f/5
    A very interesting lens, made of a lot of elements and with a nice rendering, the softness can be driven by the aperture, here I used f/5
    Not much informations are available about this Suter lens but what I found said that it were changed time by time or the lens design changed because of the focus length.
    My lens were made in the early 1920th and is mounted in a dial set Compur I shutter.

    I used an Ilford FP4+ and developed in Adox FX-39 II, scan with Epson V700

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    Re: soft focus landscape

    Arri; I like this! Keep it up!

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    Re: soft focus landscape

    4x5 with unmarked brass lens wide open at f/11.Click image for larger version. 

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