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Thread: Beseler 45MX

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    Beseler 45MX

    I have a Beseler 45MX enlarger. I picked up a Beseler DG-1 color head for it. The color head states that it is 24volt AC and 400 watts. It has a funny looking plug with 4 spades and 1 prong.

    I can see that the bulbs are 24vac and 200w each.

    I've looked at the plug to see which spades go to which wires (standard white/black/green).

    My questions:

    1 What is the output of the socket that this plugs into?

    2 Is it 24v or 110v?

    3 Is the transformer in the head (allowing 110v input), or is it located prior to the plug.

    Thanks in advance. I want this to work, but i don't want to burn anything up.

    What exactly is the device that this plug plugs into?

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    Beseler 45MX

    Just a suggestion, but I had an Omega color head that had a similar plug that plugged into a power supply unit, which in turn plugged into the wall. Seems the Besler unit works the same.

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