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Thread: wista dx wooden cameras

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    wista dx wooden cameras

    Looking for a pro-con review of the wista dx cameras - types of lenses that can be used with movements, etc.

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    wista dx wooden cameras

    I haven't seen any reviews of any Wista cameras. However, an appendix in Leslie Stroebel's book "View Camera Technique" includes very detailed specifications fo r virtually all view cameras currently sold, including several Wista models. The se specifications will at least allow you to compare the Wista with other view c ameras in terms of movements, bellows extension, and all sorts of features.
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    wista dx wooden cameras

    I frequently use a 65mm on my Wista DX. Not much movement, but it focuses fine. For longer lenses, 300mm should be the maximum limit for conventional lenses and 400mm for telephoto design lenses.

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