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Thread: Just One More Lens

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    Just One More Lens

    If you could buy only one more lens, what would you pick (yes it is available)?

    ONE more. No X or Y or one of A, B, C.
    When I was 16 I thought my father the stupidest man in the world; when I reached 21, I was astounded by how much he had learned in just 5 years!

    -appropriated from Mark Twain

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    I still want a Fuji 600C.... just have to pony up the money.

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    None. I've accumulated a 90, 150, 240 and 400T (for 4x5). If I can't express myself with those I should sell all my gear and quit!

    (I know this isn't the sort of response that you're looking for, but it's where I'm standing on the matter these days. )

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    The lens I'd like is not for LF format. A Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH.

    If only to have a spare $10,500 kickin' around!
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    Saying, just one more lens, is like trying to have "one more potato chip", or "just one more cookie".
    However, I would say a nice late model 80-90mm lens instead of my old timer Schneider 90 Angulon.

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    I have a 110-150-240 kit that takes care of about 96% of my diverse landscape needs.

    My “one more lens” – you might naturally think – would be a “wider-than-110,” or “longer-than-240.”

    Funny thing is, a 180 is what would get me close to 99%.

    (I don’t need a 450mm Fujinon C, but I really, really want one.)

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    Either a 75mm with somewhat large aperture, or the Nikkor 300M. The first is wider than my current widest 90mm, though a lens I would likely rarely use. The 300M is a different realm, and something more likely that I might actually purchase.

    My most used lens is a 135mm. Next most often used is a 180mm.


    Gordon Moat Photography

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    Something around 30 mm that will cover 4X5 with a bit of movement.

    Nate Potter, Austin TX.

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    Since I have 65mm thru 240mm covered, I would like something in the 300 to 400mmT range for my Tachihara. Trouble is, I shoot mostly the 65mm or 90mm but I'm thinking a long tele would be nice.

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    Re: Just One More Lens

    I would like a 150ish lens for 8x10 with some extra coverage that takes 67mm filters. I don't think that exists so my budget is safe for awhile.

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