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Thread: MTF data for several lenses

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    MTF data for several lenses

    I compared a Apo Symmar 120/5.6 with a Rodenstock Sironar-S 150/5.6 and found be tter contrast transfer for the Sironar-S. I would like to compare the MTF data f or these lenses. Where can I find these data?. For the same reason, I would hav e MTF data for teh Symmar-S 210/5.6 and the APO sironar-S 210/5,6. Who knows where to find these data?

    Jed Freudenthal

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    MTF data for several lenses

    You can send us your address to info@hpmarketingcorp,com or call us at 973 808-9010 and we will mail you whatever MTF curves you need for Rodenstock. Make sure you specify what you need as I do not see these requests.

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