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Thread: Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    I'm in the process of getting back into large format photography and could use s ome advice on purchasing a long focal length landscape lens. I currently own a Wisner 4x5, 210 Caltar and 110XL Super Symmar lens. Can anyone offer advice on a landscape lens for my Wisner? How long a focal length should I consider?

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    A 300-450mm lens range will work on your Wisner. I use a 300 a lot . The 450mm lnes, specifically the Fuji, is excellent, but you have almost 23 inches of bellows being buffeted about by the wind. A lens similar to the Nikkor T lens gives you the reach of the traditionally designed telephoto but with less bellows draw. No free lunch with the T lenses. They tend to be heavy, and have much less movements than the 450 type and are quite costly. I find the 300mm to be the longer lens I use most, but in the midwest where I live, there are few wide open spaces. Bob

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    If you have a 210, a 300 may be too close. The Fuji 400T is a pretty good lense which I have used a lot with good results. You do need to focus very carefully - a loupe is recommended - and make sure that the camera is rigid. I have not used the Wisner, but I think that its bellows are long, so you may also be able to look at the Nikkor 360/500/720T.

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    I love my 360 and use it ALOT!

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    The 10" and 15" Tele-Raptar (tele-Optar) are excellent lenses, quite inexpensive, and don't require excessive bellows extension.

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    I have a 210mm and a 305mm and find that to be a good combination. I don't think they are too close in length, I fear I would notice to big a gap if I had the 210 and 400. The 305mm gives me about the same feel as the 150mm lens on my 6x6 system if that helps. The 305 f9 G- Claron was my choice when adding this focal length.

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    300 or 360/9 apo ronar MC from Rodenstock, very sharp at 22 it's difficult to find multicoated sample in second hand, while there's a lot of non coated sample. f9 with a long lens is not a problem, it still clear oin the GG. it's not a tele, it's sharper than a tele but requires a long extension ! search in the archive you will find a lot of people who likes it ! to buy it new, try

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    Last time I looked Ken Hansen in N.Y. was beating Robert White for MC Ronar 360's - he had some leftover stock (new) that he was liquidating. I saved several hundred dollars over Robert White's price (and got a U.S. warrantied lens - whoopie!).

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    Interesting. I have a wonderful small 300mm but I too seem to stick to my Apo-Ro nar 360mm most of the time despite it being 40 years old and mounted on a prehistoric shutter. Seems to me the perfect long focal for landscape.

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    Long Focal Length Landscape Lens

    I find that I use my Schneider 210 APO Symmar-S and 90mm Super Angulon, and my 14 inch (355mm) Red Dot Artar the most in the field for landscapes. The reputation the Red Dot Artars have for sharpness is no exageration.

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