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    Xenar 210mm

    I'm looking for a good used 210mm lens. Use will be with a 4x5 Omega, mostly arc hitectural subjects, black and white mostly but do use some color and will do mo re in the future. Is the 210mmf6.1 Xenar a good lens for the application? I'm co ncerned with some reports of the Xenars having field curvature which can be an i ssue with geometric subjects. Is this a multi-coated lens? Any other recommendat ions on a 210? I would like to spend less than $500 is possible.

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    Xenar 210mm

    Dave, Your choice is quite simple. There are a number of excellent used 210mm lenses for the 4x5 format within your budget. Consider any of the following 210 mm lenses, MC and in copal #1 shutter: Nikkor W 210mm 5.6, Rodenstock Sironar N 210mm 5.6, or (if you want to keep it in the're probably tired of this joke by now) either the Schneider Apo Symmar or Symmar S 210mm 5.6.

    With the possible exception of the Apo Symmar, any of these lenses can be found, used, in your price range. They are all wonderful lenses, sharp, and with huge coverage for 4x5.

    Good luck, Sergio.

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