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Thread: Hana Maui

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    Drew Wiley
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    Hana Maui

    Anyone have tips for accomodations etc at Hana? - not too ritzy but no camping or
    cockroaches either; a few geckos OK (will have the wife along). Going in April. Have
    driven the road before, but want to spend a little more time on that end of island.

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    Re: Hana Maui

    The State Park features 747 cockroaches but is otherwise nice, and there is a $$$$$$$ resort down there too. We went for the cockroaches, better than the chemicals. Beautiful black beach and cave there. The State Park is very popular and you have to make reservations early. KFry

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    Re: Hana Maui

    Drew, you might want to look into cottage or home rentals in Hana. My wife and I did that 4 years ago, also in April. We spent 4 nights in a great little cottage/farmhouse maybe a mile or so past the main "town" of Hana. There was nothing between us and the coastline but a field, and a couple very beautiful trees.

    Hana as you know is on the wet side of island, cooler also, and not many tourists. Certainly not many who stay the night. We came in on the north road (Hana Hwy), and left by the south road. I highly recommend driving the south road too; going though the lava flow section is a treat. There's some dirt road to drive, but it's of no consequence.

    We left Hana one night to see sunrise up at the crater. ya gotta leave Hana *early* if you're gonna do that. Like 1:30am. Worth it though: on the drive we saw a moonbow ; never seen one of those before and not sure when I will again!

    have fun there!

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    Re: Hana Maui


    The odds of not seeing cockroaches in Hana is not good.

    My friends had a bed and breakfast in Hana called Hana Meadows but I haven't been there for 10 years. The Meadows family ran it and my friend Jim Meadows would know me as Big Wave Dave from Makena. Their number is (808) 879-0494 (Jackie whom I don't know) and Jim Meadows at (808)874-8423. If these numbers don't work let me know and I'll get their new ones.

    I used to spear prawns in the pools in the rivers there for dinner. Lots of great photo ops everwhere. We always made a trip to Auntie Jane's burger wagon past Kipuhulu but I'm not sure if she is still there. Sometimes she is already passed out on an upside down Zodiak and a lot disfunctional. Love that woman!

    Another friend named Chuck Thorne has an interesting cave tour in Hana (Hana cave tours) which has a lot of features not found many other places. As the lava rose up and dropped in the caves it made the roof and sides look like it was dipped in chocolate as well as other interesting aspects. Chuck knows me from some diving and underwater shoots we did for the Discovery Channel.

    Another friend has a solar powered place there but it's crawling with critters. I hardly notice when a cockroach crawls on me after living on Maui so many years.

    The nicest rentals on Maui are handled by Irene Aroner of Tropical Villa Vacations, but they are not inexpensive.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    Big Wave Dave

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