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Thread: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    I like it, storm is here

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    Oops, one sheet of film and 1/2 of hour of life are out !

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    Good mistake!

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    Quote Originally Posted by Iga View Post
    Oops, one sheet of film and 1/2 of hour of life are out !
    We should all be lucky enough to make such wonderful mistakes.

    I am brand new to LF photography. I am using a FR tank to develop my Shanghai 4x5 and it appears that part of the top is not getting developed properly. I am mixing 1.5 liter of Rodinal and using 1.5 liter of Kodak Indicator Stop Bath but only used close to 1 liter of fixer although I splashed it around a bit. The FR tank holds 1.5L and next time I develop I will try using 1.5 liter in all 3 chemicals. I will place an order for fixer today and might try Photographers' Formulary TF5 for the first time.
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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    Couldn’t remember if this film was exposed or not and ended up creating another double negative. I think I have my process down now as not to have too many more of these mistakes. But hey, I didn’t forget the 85b filter…neither time

    5x7 on 64t
    Cropped on the right side due to a light leak when discovering film was still in the holder.


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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    If only I could process then like I can process now (and I still have much to learn) 4x5 Ilford Delta 100

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    From a recent HABS job. The Schedule of Documentation called for 360 degrees of views from the top of a six-story tower at one edge of the campus. I had to shoot over the top of a light-colored cement parapet, and didn't notice the glare coming up from the parapet; here you can see the reflection of the seam. The problem ruined several negatives from that day, and I had to return and re-shoot. Fortunately, I had a most understanding client.


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    4x5, TMAX 400

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    With the lens wide open, I did not see the compendium shade rod protruding into the frame. I should have known better. I'm leaving tomorrow to give this another try.

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    "I have this feeling of walking around for days with the wind knocked out of me." - Jim Harrison

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    My 150mm f/5.6 is in a press shutter, and the first time out with it, I accidentally screwed the shutter cable into the "preview" port instead of the "release" port.

    What should have been 1/125 @ f/16 wound up being around 1/2 @ f/5.6.

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    4x5 - Arista EDU Ultra 400

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    Re: Images of mistakes - good or bad..

    Like many of my fellow photographers, I have also used one sheet of film for multiple exposures - either I was in a rush or tired or both.

    To stop that from happening, I have started to do something very simple, I put a piece of painter's blue masking tape vertically on the end of each side of the sheet film holder. The tape goes from the black area that may or may not have a small white area in which to indicate the type of film or the film holder then up to the removable dark slide. This works because I must remove the blue tape if I want to remove the dark slide!

    Easy peasy.

    I also mark the film type and ISO on the blue tape immediately after loading the sheet film holders. A good tool for that is a marker that uses white paint. Most hardware stores or big box home improvement stores have these markers in their paint department.

    After the exposure, I put the piece of tape back on but horizontally. I stick it partly on the dark slide and part on the large black area. That way I can see that the side has been used and later in the darkroom, I can organize the sheets of film for processing.

    Terry Thomas
    Atlanta, Georgia USA
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