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Thread: Back Pack Holdall

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    Back Pack Holdall

    My big problem is transporting my 5x4 equipment. I am looking for a back pack holdall to do this. Can anyone recommend a holdall for this purpose. I live in England.
    My email address is:-

    Thanks, Ray Wood.

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    Re: Back Pack Holdall

    I just went to an outdoor recreation supply store and found a pack that fit comfortably and was accessed by a zippered front panel. I then made my own closed-cell foam dividers to hold my equipment (8x10, 5 to 8 holders, 4 lenses, etc). I found a "travel pack" that was perfect and it has done me well these past 12 years or so. It was quite a bit cheaper than a dedicated camera pack.

    Welcome to the forum and best of luck in your search!


    PS...a bit of a search on this forum will lead you to images of people's packs and lots of ideas (tho the search feature is pretty lame here)

    Look here:

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    Re: Back Pack Holdall

    Something to consider Ray... very good system if you want comfort and organization.

    Try typing... 'photobackpacker' into the search box above and you should pull up tons of stuff on all sorts of backpacks ect. If you walk a bit from the car its well worth doing your home work on which pack to chose. You should be aware that dedicated photo backpacks are generally good at protecting and organizing the gear but notoriously bad for actually carrying it around with any comfort. Just my experience, but you'll find its common to many.
    You can waste a lot off cash tryng to find the right system.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Back Pack Holdall

    I don't think there is an easy option and you have to work out what will be best for you. The Lowepro pro trekker backpacks are comfortable, if a little heavy, but have no space for lunch, waterproofs etc which I need if I am out for the day. The backpacker system is light and can be customised to a backpack of your choice. I find it a little bit fiddly having to unzip each individual compartment when the light is changing rapidly and I need to work fast, but it is a very flexible and light system. The options for front loading rucksacks are limited in the UK. I ended up buying a lowepro pro-roller inner which fits into my Macpac front loading backpack. This gives me easy access to my kit, and there is room in the lower compartment for non-photographic bits and pieces. Good luck in your search!


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    Re: Back Pack Holdall

    Gee, Ray, if you visit the sites of a few major camera bag makers, each one produces at least a half dozen comfortable packs that should hold all your gear, lunch and a jacket, too. I've used that many of them myself.

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