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Thread: Which tent have I got?

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    Which tent have I got?

    A few days ago I took delivery of an inflatable, portable darkroom tent bought used from Ebay - I've been after one for ages
    The seller was selling on behalf of a friend and didn't have much of an idea of manufacturer and thought it was made by "Nova Darkroom".
    I've seen the Nova tent - but didn't fancy shelling out over £500GBP for one and this is NOT a Nova. The design is similar but this tent is a bit bigger than the Nova offering and the design of the entrance is markedly different. The Nova features a double-zipped door on one of the flat outer walls whereas the one I have has an inner zipped door (on the flat wall)plus an outer semi-circular extension (also zipped) giving a vestibule that adds at least 2 feet to the entrance. Any ideas? I seem to remember Durst making a similar tent? This one has the inflating motor plus the outer window and all necessary tubes for electrical cables. The roof vent (tube)is at least 3 feet long!
    I purchased it for developing in trays as well as fulfilling a long-held ambition to try some Plat/Palld contact printing from digital negs!

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    Re: Which tent have I got?

    Definitely have no answers for you, but would love to see some pics of it set up.

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