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Thread: 8X10 ENLARGER

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    I am looking for 8x10 enlarger. Since I have limited budget, I don't think I can buy a new one, and also I am not sure which one to buy. The person I know is using Elwood enlarger, pretty small one, and it looks good for me. But, though I've been looking around many web sites for the enlarger, I could find not only the particular enlarger(elwood one) but other 8x10 enlargers. If anyone could give me any advice, I will be appreciated.


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    Why don't you visit PHOTO-GRAPHIC SYTEMS web site at They make 8x10 conversion kit for Beseler45 and Durst for $ 1,600 and sometimes offered 10x10 enl. for $2,000. Good luck.

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    I don't know where you're located, but I have found you an Elwood 8x10. Mark Hult in Ohio, has one listed on photonet. Mark's e-mail is

    Good luck. Dick

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    Re: 8X10 ENLARGER

    Philip Hersee, I Admire The Tenacity Of All Of You To Complete Your View In Life Of Your Photography .i Have Come Full Circle To Realize Where I Started A Long Time Ago In Film Is Still The Best Work I Ever Did .
    I Still Use Digital For Entertainment Work Or Ad Work .
    But For The Quality
    And The Mind Set You Go Through With Large For Matt
    This Is Still The True Art Of Photography And Ansel Or Brett Or Edward Would Not Change Today
    There Are Many Photo Toys But The Development Of Ourown Eyes And Mind Is What Relly Counts .

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    Re: 8X10 ENLARGER

    if you're anywhere near this one and it's still for sale, I'd hop in the car ASAP
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: 8X10 ENLARGER

    I have one listed here on this site, but it must be picked up and I live in central Florida.

    David G. Gagnon

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    Re: 8X10 ENLARGER

    You might consider making a horizontal enlarger out of an old 8 x 10 camera. I did it with my old Kodak 2d. You need to find a light source for it (I found a 10 x 10 cold light head), but after that, it's not very difficult at all.

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    Re: 8X10 ENLARGER

    Original post date: 1999.

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