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Thread: On LF Photography books

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    On LF Photography books

    Ok gang,
    Since July been working hard on technique and development.
    Finally got the dev down for my scanning needs.
    Actually selling some on my art show circuit down here in the FL Keys.
    Technique I know, will take years to actually call myself good at.
    Have finally sold off all small format/ digital to be a 100% LF guy.
    Heck, I have even had some people say, "wow reminds me of Clyde Butcher"
    Thats exciting to me and also humbling.
    Anyway, I have the basic books of Ansel Adams. Still need "40 Pictures"
    Galen Rowell books, 1 actually signed by him from the 80's
    Ernst Haas books
    Some from ICP press
    Norman McGrath and Fred Picker and some others.
    My library down here is limited. Was able to get Clydes books and read them, but not much else.

    What other books can be recommended for LF B&W.
    Looking for essay and thoughts. Not just a coffee table book.

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    Re: On LF Photography books

    Charle Abel --Professional Portrait lightnings

    If your in to older lenses like heliars, veritos, Struss and so on

    Gives complete detail 0n what lens was used, the lighting arrangement, film, developed time---its hard to find--sells usually in the upper $100.00 range
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    Richard M. Coda
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    Re: On LF Photography books

    The list is so long...

    Books by the Westons (Edward and Brett in particular) and about the Westons.
    Mirrors, Messages, Manifestations by Minor White
    Urban Romantic (and sequels) George Tice

    IIRC, Rowell and Haas were mostly small format, color guys.
    Photographs by Richard M. Coda
    my blog
    Primordial: 2010 - Photographs of the Arizona Monsoon
    "Speak softly and carry an 8x10"
    "I shoot a HYBRID - Arca/Canham 11x14"

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    Re: On LF Photography books

    Keep em coming guys. Thx
    Yeah, most of my books are small format, BUT now I have converted and seen the light. AMEN
    Need to boost the LF books up

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    Re: On LF Photography books

    Still Life: A History by Sybille Ebert-Schifferer

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    Re: On LF Photography books

    Way Beyond Monochrome by Ralph W. Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse (Paperback - Jun 2003)

    The best modern book on really thinking about development and exposure.

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