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Thread: Which film best if sent to a lab

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    Which film best if sent to a lab

    If you had to send a film to a lab for processing, what would you use? That is, do you think labs are equally equiped to deal with Agfa or Ilford as they are wi th Kodak? I am talking about B&W. Michael

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    Which film best if sent to a lab

    My lab can definitely handle anything. I run a custom b&w lab called Labwork in Cleveland, Ohio. See our ad in B&W Magazine. All sheet film is processed in Jobo Expert Drums at whatever times are needed for the film in question. Everything is hand processed and we also do RC and Fiberbase printing.

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    Which film best if sent to a lab

    I should ad our contact info: Labwork-the b&w lab 1591 East 22nd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44114 216/621-7567 phone 216/621-7560 fax We do international business.

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    Which film best if sent to a lab

    The important question you need to ask any lab before you strat to use them is "what developer(s) do you use?" Then ask if you can specify a specific developer for a specific film (if they have more than one choice). This assumes you have worked with a variety of developers in yoru own darkroom and/or have an idea of what works best for you with praticular emulsions.

    Second step, send them some test film and see howyou like it.


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