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Thread: Lets See Your Darkroom

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    One more view of my DR cleaned up a little, but still needing some TLC after a month of printing heavily. Installed shelves in my new bench for paper, cleared the back end off for framing/matting, and anchored the top of the Beseler 45V-XL to the ceiling so it doesn't wobble so much when cranking it up:

    Here's a silly pic of me finishing up the bench shelves my wife took. Note the other Beseler 45-MX that is now stored in the other room but will get used at some point. That makes 3 4x5 enlargers!

    One of these days I'm going to put up a piece of drywall over the left area to cover the insulation, and somehow paint or create a massive step wedge across the wall from Zone 0 to Zone 10, along with some shelves over there for printing chemicals like my acetic acid and such.
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Please be careful to encapsulate the fiberglass insulation so you cannot possible breath in any of the fibres. A cheap layer of Drywall is a necessity for your health.

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    Nice article. I will have to examine the photos closely. I have all the materials, but continue to procrastinate on building the damn UV exposure area in my DR. Honestly I'm not 100% sure how to wire the ballasts.

    The plan for my area is the same as yours, but upside-down. Exposure unit will be under the desk in a drawer, with both normal and UV bulbs. Two switches, for each type of bulb. Normal bulbs will make it a light table, UV bulbs for alt processes of course. Mine has space for a 20x24 print. Just need to wire it and buy some glass for the table.
    Please us an electrician to do the balast wiring. Overall that is a safety issue. and electricians are not expensive .

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    I'm envious!

    While my efficiently organized, 6'x8' darkroom works "fine" for me for printing up to 16x20, it would be lovely to have more space.

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    My latest (and probably last) darkroom was completed a little over a year ago to fit a spare bedroom that measures 11x12. I custom built a 10 ft sink and all the cabinets and counter top to my enlarging station. I also tore out all the carpet and coated the concrete floor with a 2part industrial grade epoxy. My current enlargers are the Beseler 45MXT with the Oriental VCCL Head and a Beseler 45VXL fitted with the Beseler 810 cold light head. Last week I cleaned and reorganized my darkroom.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Very nice!
    sin eater

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    No sink/plumbing?

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
    No sink/plumbing?
    On the left wall. Study the photo posted and you'll see signs of plumbing (left side)all the way down by the print washer is a mixing valve. Heck all I see on the left side are sinks.
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Jess, that's one beautiful darkroom. Mine's in a bedroom, too, adn similar in size, but I couldn't custom build a counter top to save my life, let alone cabinetry. Enviable!
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