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Thread: Lets See Your Darkroom

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by willwilson View Post
    Yes and expensive, but I figured an over design was important for good smooth operation. It has a 2x6 frame and 3/4" plywood bottom.
    Those ought to do the job. Nice to see your darkroom, thanks for posting.


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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
    So what do those washers weigh, full?
    I have not measured volume or actually weighed them full. I just guesstimated based on cubic inches. 11x14 washer 35lbs dry, 150lbs wet. 20x24 washer - 75lbs dry, 275-350lbs wet. Only running one washer at a time so plenty of extra capacity.
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    like you 8x10 enlarger/ I have an Omega F

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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    3012 Metric 9x12cm JOBO Film Drum on Unicolor Uniroller by Nokton48, on Flickr

    OK I used the Unidrum and Unidrum II for decades to process high quality 4x5 and 8x10 sheet film negatives. I bought a sheet of brake pad material from the local auto parts store, and it only leaked a teeny bit. I use the Unirollers too, I simply put a 5x7 Paterson tray on each side of the Uniroller, which sits in a plastic dishwashing tub. So spillage is OK with me. Last week I received two more black 8x10 Unidrum II"s, I have two I've always been using. BTW you have to have the black rubber "thingee" which always in missing for these. So on the internet I learned to go to Harbor Freight, and bought a single black bungee cord, which can be sliced into the "rubber plug thingee" which separates 4x5 film sheets, and keeps the sheets from riding over each other in the soup. So really I would not use the Unidrums without the "rubber thingee". But I have plenty now including extras. Once Unicolor mailed me extra thingees but they have disappeared over the years. Hurray for Unicolor! Still works good after all these decades. "Poor Man's JOBO". LOL

    BTW JOBO and Paterson tanks work good on the Uniroller. Also BTW the sink is a "Kreontite Plate Washing Sink" which I procured out of the basement of Midwest Photo for Fifty Bucks. Probably cost $5000 new LOL. Love Kreonite stuff
    Flikr Photos Here:

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