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Thread: Your Web site or Free Sites

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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Bleesz View Post
    Most of you more than likely have your own web site, designed as you see fit, and pay the fee/'s.

    However, do any of you use as well or use only such free sites as Facebook, My Space or LinkedIn? What are your comments re: such? I understand Linkedin may be more targeted to the photo community.

    A dialogue on this would be appreciated. Thank you

    What is the purpose of you having a website and what are your expectations of getting something back from it such as how much revenue do you expect from it or how many clients a month or how many sales a month?

    The answers to those questions are likely to generate more meanigful response in terms of what direction is best to head in.

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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    In regards to free sites, there is a site I have been toying with to host my design portfolio. Some of my friends rave about it. From what I hear it is simple, free, customizable, and you can use your own url if you want. I noticed there is a lot if photographers on there, but it seems to good to stay free for much longer.


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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    Any image posted anywhere online is immediately stolen including here

    I have empty website URL just to keep thieves away

    All data is scraped and saved for our permanent record that will be used against us

    Wet Prints on your walls inside your home MAY be secure, but authorities do sneak in when we are gone

    a common surveillance technique
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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    I registered and maintain some domain names, and currently point them at a basic web space I pay for - but I am not in the commercial photography field. It is just a convenient place to put material that I make available. I spent the last twenty years in the IT field, so running a bare-bones web presence on a managed server is not hard work. The costs are just overhead on my hobby - like the electricity I use comes out of the house budget!

    If I was going into it with an aim to handle money, I'd look at the services that offer a package of site editor, security, and shopping cart. The costs would then be part of a business plan.

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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites

    My professional website is:

    It displays some of my images and offers them for sale. This site is hosted by GoDaddy.

    I also have a presence on

    More of my images are available there

    Both sites are linked to each other.

    I have a profile on Linkedin but have never gottn a referrel from it. A similar site "Alignable" is also not productive.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: Your Web site or Free Sites


    I guess the main problem with e.g. LinkedIn is how potential clients will see your portfolio. In my experience the best is to have a website that ranks high in google. For my websites I get about 3k organic clicks per month which is better than any paid ad.
    Linkedin is great to make professional contacts but less ideal for clients in my opinion. Instagram for on the other hand can be quite handy for getting clients.

    Best regards,
    Yvo Greutert

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