This post is not a question but what has been for me a solution to a problem wit h using Unicolor and Beselar (and other) drums to develop sheet film. One of the problems with the drums is keeping the films apart when developing four sheets, as the little rubber seperators tend to fall off, are hard to use and easily mi splaced. I solved the problem with one of my tanks by drilling a 1/8" hole throu gh the drum on two sides and then inserted a very tight fitting piece of round n eophrene in the hole so that it sticks out inside the drum where the rubber sepe rators fit. I marked the drum by sliding two trash negs into place and marked be tween the negs. I left about 3/8th of an inch sticking out inside. It is easy to slide the neg past the peg for the bottom sheet. It works great and there are n o leaks from the tight fitting plug. I made the plugs by cutting an O-ring to ab out 3/4 inch in length and tapering the end a bit so it would start into the hol e. Any round rubber or neophrene will do as long as it fits tight. I then pulled the plug through to the inside with needle nose pliers and trimmed it to length . The plug needs to be trimmed to about 1/8th long on the outside of the drum. T his is not in the form of a question, just a tip and can be ignored or deleted i f desired.