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Thread: Who Uses 5x12?

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    Scott Davis
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    Re: Who Uses 5x12?

    I'm still using mine, albeit not as much lately. I do have a plan to go out soon and shoot some with it, but there's a lens I need CLA'd first that I want to use with it (lucky score on a 190 Wide-Field Ektar). The big plus with it for me is that my 5x12 is a Canham, so it shares the base chassis with my 5x7, so it stays light and mobile. For processing, I use a Jobo 3005 drum - the film sticks up out of the tubes a little, but it fits fine inside the cone of the lid, and I've not had any issues with the finished negatives.

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    Re: Who Uses 5x12?

    You asked about other pano formats.

    I use 7 x 17 quite a bit and love the ratio to it.


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    Re: Who Uses 5x12?

    I went to 5x12 Korona when I got too old and weak to handle the 7x17 Korona easily. I have 7 holders 3 original for film, and 3 new ones from Sandy. The 7th is a Korona for dry plates. I like the format, but still see in 7x17. The size just suits my vision better.

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    Re: Who Uses 5x12?

    Here's my 5x12 View Point camera. Im building the whole Panorama system from 5x12, 5,5x14 ,7 x17,8x20 and 12x20 respectively base on the Phillips Explorer design.Click image for larger version. 

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