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Thread: Eskofot process lenses

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    Eskofot process lenses

    I have three modern process lenses (in barrel) that were originally used on a la te model computerized 20x24 copy camera. The lenses are Eskofot 305mm, 210mm, a nd 150mm, all with f/9 maximum apertures. These West German lenses appear to be extremely well made. I am considering having the the 305mm lens mounted in a s hutter to use on my 4x5 field camera (a Wisner Technical Field - 4" lensboards), but I would like to get some feedback from others before going this route. I k now that this lens is optimized for high magnifications (close-up), but I have a lso heard that lenses of this type can also perform very well at infinity. The design of this lens is probably similar to the G-Glaron except I suspect that th is lens, if anything, is probably built to even higher standards than the G-Gla ron. It has ample covering power - about that of the 305mm G-Glaron (also a f/9 lens), as determined by a little experimentation.

    Two questions:

    1) Has anyone heard of Eskofot and, if so, what do you know about these lenses?

    2) Do you think this lens will perform well as a landscape lens?

    Any additional information or recommendations that you can provide would be grea tly appreciated.

    Thanks Tom Johnston

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    Eskofot process lenses

    This might be more trouble than you are willing to go through, but before you spend 500$ to mount the lens in a shutter you might consider buying a packard shutter and trying out the lens on a landscape. I am fairly certain you will not be disappointed with the performance of your lens, but it might set you at ease, and once you mount the shutter you can use your other two lenses as well even if you do decide to get the 305 mm mounted. Packards can be had for 50 bucks or so on the used market for a good one. I really like mine, which is mounted in my 8x10. All my 8x10 lenses are mounted in barrel, and my favorites are all process lenses.

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    Eskofot process lenses

    Tim:I own some of the Eskofot lenses that you speak of. I haven't mounted them on anything but have thought about it. Mine were taken off a vertical camera (d arkroom). I work for a company that distributed them and I have installed many of the cameras and always thought they were good. Go the Packard shutter route before spending a pile of money on mounting them into shutters. And pls let me know what you did and what you think of the lenses after the mod. Good luck.

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