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Thread: Ilex Electronic Shutter & controller

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    Ilex Electronic Shutter & controller

    Anyone ever seen, or better yet has, a copy of the manual and schematic, for an Ilex Electro-Sync shutter. I found one at a yard sale and got it. The shutter works fine, but the controller only works with B & T - basically On/Off. The time circuit in the controller is not working - either the charging cap or the trigger may be to blame.
    If I had the schematic I could repair it - the manual would be even better.
    Nice shutter - looks new, but the controller needs work


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    Re: Ilex Electronic Shutter & controller , click on photo stuff

    FWIW, I have a #3 Ilex electronic and controller in the closet. I extracted them from an oscilloscope camera. The shutter runs quite slow at all speeds.

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