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Thread: Extend E-6 Development Time?

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    Extend E-6 Development Time?

    Would extending the first developer time be of any benefit when processing expired (greater than 2 years) chromes?

    What about the second developer - the color developer?

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    Re: Extend E-6 Development Time?

    Color developer is process to completion so no. Extending first developer time is akin to pushing. I'm not sure about expired film- I get confused with what to do with the excess Base+Fog of expired film. Extending first developer would help with speed loss, and maybe increase contrast so that might help.

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    Re: Extend E-6 Development Time?


    I have developed many expired E-6 sheet films with standard processing times and I recommend not to change processing times/temp.

    The oldest E-6 film that I have developed is Ektachrome 64 daylight expired in 1988, exposed at nominal speed in 2009 and developed in standard E-6 process. The slides came out very well except for some yellow missing (approx 30-50Y) that was easy to correct in scanning.
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